We have finished with the students (have we?) and it is time for the teacher, I think this one is my favourite so far. We are using a design Maxime did a while back for a fan art.

Paige is a great character, such an overachiever, so eager to be worthy, so dedicated to reach her full potential, and at the same time so insecure. She could fit any group you put her in. 

This outfit is perfect for her, easy to rip and reveal new shapes. Plus, a detail of her with glasses, just because.

Do you know how to spot good artists? when every character they draw is unique. Paige here, for example, is cute, pretty, but also has the big ears that were the trademark of the Guthries long time ago. She cannot be mistaken for Meggan, Black Canary, or Emma Frost. She is not a random blonde. Maxime rocks.

Design and lineart: Maxime Garbarini

Inks and colour: Me

Ok, a few notes on these designs. Maxime and I both like Anole and Pixie so much that the designs were agreed from the beginning, but with these 2 we made a couple of changes:

-For Gentle, I first thought of earth tones and greens and Maxime suggested a tuareg deep blue. I tried both, and the earth tones one looked too militaristic… not good for Nezhno. I think the orage helps keeping it a bit bright and at the same time, it looks tribal.

-Hellion was a bit easier, we agreed on a “tuxedo” look, and from there we went golf club, the deep violet hints a bit at the classic Hellions look.

If you like what we´ve been doing so far… stay tunned. We are cooking something…

Designs and lineart: Maxime Garbarini.
Inks and colour: Me

My lore master, my bf´s Captain and our pet Phteven,the swamp Guardian. We play LOTRO every night, so if you come across a girl summoning lightning for no reason and a man with a resigned look on his face, that´s us. Say hi. 


Hey my little Tumblrinas and Tumblrinos
I realized today that I never posted anything here about my free webcomic
So here it is.

It is called HEROIC PATROL. It’s published on my website/online label CLOSE CALL COMICS, in both french AND english.
HEROIC PATROL tells the adventures of a few groups of characters whose paths will cross and mold them into the first super-hero team of my Close Call Universe. The story is set in the 1930ies/40ies, during WWII; both in Europe and in the U.S..
There are already more than 70 pages worth of stories. I write and draw, and have my friend Julien Nido to help me on colors.

Please, feel free to go take a look, share it, spread the word around, ask me about it, about the story or characters tell me what you like or dislike about it.

I never reblog, but this is important.
My dear friend Maxime is an amazing artist, and you should totally check his webcomic.

If I ever have a Marvel Sourcebook Entry…

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