Pretty Deadly Fan art. Digital Watercolour.

Between Firefly and this amazing book, I may have to reconsider my everlasting hatred for the western genre…

Whatever Emma Ríos draws, whatever Kelly Sue DeConnick writes, get it. NOW.

(BTW Kelly Sue DeConninck is amazing, in case you haven´t noticed already)

PS: As some people have asked, I will make it clear, NO, this image WILL NOT be available on my print store, as it is a creator owned series.

I keep on experimenting with this colouring style, and I came to the conclusion that less is deffinitely more. I overdid the rendering of the outfit, until Maxime told me to try and do it just white. BOOM.

Second print-to-be, while we work on our very-secret-project.

Lineart and design: Maxime Garbarini

Colouring: Héctor Barros

PS: Somebody asked the other day, I listen to specific tracks while working on each piece, gets me in the mood. For this one, Electra Heart was on repeat.

Just needed to get this off of my system.

So, the Fantastic 4 movie is going to be grounded and realistic… exactly what you can expect from a group called “Fantastic 4”

I´m not going to rant 
I´m not going to rant I´m not going to rant I´m not going to rant I´m not going to rant I´m not going to rant I´m not going to rant ….. 

Let´s just say that, with every new article, every new interview… I´m less and less interested in it…